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AK-47 Bayonet Switchblade Flick Knife 22cm Short 8,66" CCCP

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Powerful switchblade , with the function of a bayonet AK -47 CCCP - SHORT

- Total length 22 cm ~  8,66"
- Length when folded 12 cm
- Blade length of 10 cm
- Blade width of 2.5 cm
- Net Weight ~ 169 g .
Heavy, sturdy knife with a spring opening function .
Releasing the blade using the button.
The knife is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental opening or closing.
The blade made ​​of high quality steel cladding handles of wood.
The knife can serve as a bayonet mounted under the barrel of a rifle.
At the end of the handle is positioned classical handle for fixing / releasing the bayonet weapon , known for the classic version of the bayonet .
You will get the set: knife with camo scabbard.