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LB600 New Air Pellet Rifle Gun 5.5mm 0.22 Caliber

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LB600 New Air Pellet Rifle Gun 5.5mm 0.22 Caliber

STRONG air rifle LB 600 CALIBRE 5.5 mm.


LB600 airgun caliber 4.5 mm is a modern spring-piston airgun with a classic silhouette made with precision and attention to detail.
It's equipped with a manual safety in the form of a small lever located behind the trigger.
This location makes the rifle can be easily secured after charging and unlock just before the shot, keeping to the eye.
We pull the spring air rifles by the classic barrel breaking.
After the fracture load the pellets directly into the barrel of a gun.
Comfortable and ergonomic classic village made of durable polymer in black.
The flask was fitted with a rubber foot, increasing comfort by absorbing the recoil and facilitate stable support rifle on his shoulder.
The rifle is equipped with fiber optic sights aiming to facilitate and accelerate especially in low light. They make the shooting becomes a lot easier so that even less practiced of shooters can quickly improve your results.
The metal rear sight adjustable vertically and horizontally.
- Broken barrel
- Threaded barrel
- Settlement polymer black
- Rubber footer stock
- Manual fuse
- Fibre optic sights
- Adjustable rear sight vertical and horizontal


Highly recommended !!!


In addition FREE GIFTS:

- 10pcs of shooting shields

- 30 pcs of "diabolo" pellets

- 2 x 5 pcs of "special" pellets.


Warranty: An annual written warranty.


The weapon is designed for adults.

Energy shot that does not exceed 17J, so gun permit is not required.