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B2-3C New Air Pellet Rifle cal. 5.5mm 0.22 Break Barrel

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B2-3C New Air Pellet Rifle Gun 5.5mm 0.22 Caliber


Technical data:

   - Caliber: 5.5 mm

   - Threaded barrel

   - initial speed 280 m / s

   - length: 1100 mm

   - weight: 2.8 kg

   - Brake brrel

   - Tru Glo vertically and horizontally adjustable

   - projectile energy below 17J

Tru Glo fiber-opener, equipped with the latest Tru Glo technology. The use of good quality trees eliminated the risk of cracking wood.
The threaded barrel and body of the windbreaker are made of very durable materials, which results in the absence of the barrel loosening symptoms. The robust gasket seal seals the charging port. As a result, the entire pressure generated in the cylinder drives the shot in the barrel. The precision-made, threaded barrel provides very good accuracy and focus.
The special Tru Glo fiber optics allow for accurate targeting even during darkness, the veneer has precise vertical and horizontal adjustment.
The windbreaker is equipped with an 11mm mounting rail, which allows for the installation of a telescope or other optical viewfinder.

B2-3C is characterized by a relatively light weight of 2.8 kg, so long standing shots will not require a lot of effort. Precisely engineered and good finish puts the B2-3Ca good choice. Robust, well balanced windscreen with comfortable mattress.

In addition FREE GIFTS:

- 10pcs discs shooting

- 30 pcs of "diabolo" Pllets

- 2 x 5 pcs of "special" Pellets

 Warranty: An annual written warranty.

 It is designed for adults.

Energy shot that does not exceed 17J, so gun permit is not required.