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Air Gun Air Pistol 4.5 mm 0.177 Break Barrel Shipping in Europe

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Made mostly of shock-proof ABS plastic in a classic classically broken pneumatic gun. Metal, threaded 15 mm caliber barrel with a length of 15 cm provides accuracy and focus.

The spring drive gives Diabolo shot (mushroom type) a speed of 105 m / s.

The windbreaker has an anatomically profiled grip for the hand positioned at a comfortable angle to the forearm. The grip has a texture of fine sand, which prevents it from slipping in your hand.

At the base of the bow (trigger guard) in the grip there is an oblong trigger lock. In the locked position, the button is pressed from the left and prevents pulling the trigger.

The aiming sights are a fixed bow tie in the tunnel cover and a light, leveled, adjustable rudder blade.

Technical data
Model: P900
Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177)
Kinetic energy: less than 17 Joules
Weight: 0.63 kg
Overall length: 32 cm
The length of the barrel: 15 cm
Initial speed: 105 m / s
Producer: Gamo, Spain

Shipping ONLY in Europe