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B5 New Air Pellet Rifle cal. 5.5mm 0.22

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B5 Air Rifle .22 5,5

When folded, the rifle takes up very little space and is housed in a small box. Standby is only 5 seconds.

The greatest emphasis was placed on safety, wind power and comfort of using. You can use any kind of pellets (pointed, domed, flat, darts, balls) . The equipment is new and packed with a nice nice gift box.

As part of safety, a mechanical trigger is used. An additional safety feature is the lateral tension release lever after loading the shot. The wooden dark bed is well profiled and has a soft rubber foot.

has mechanical sights - adjustable scabbard and bow.

Thanks to the mounting rail, it is possible to mount a wide range of optical sights, even large ones, which can not be used in traditional rifles.

High power makes it an excellent proposition for people interested in shooting at longer distances.
The product is delivered in a new, cardboard box, making it a perfect gift.
Complete with:

- B5 cal.5.5

- Pack of 5.5 mm (30 pcs) + 10 pcs of special pellets

- Shields: 10 pcs.

Technical data

- Length - 910 mm

- Length after assembly - 690 mm

- Made of wood, metal, plastic

- Possibility to mount a telescope or a collimator

- Blade lock

- Kinetic energy of the projectile: less than 17J

- Cal.: 5.5 mm

- Velocity - 220 - 270 m / s (depending on the weight and shape of the shot)

- Maximum shot range - Up to 300 m shooting range with each shot and dart

- Weight 3.2 kg