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STRONG air rifle WF600-P Cal. 5.5 mm (.22) EUROPE

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STRONG air rifle WF600-P Cal. 5.5 mm (.22)


Carabiner WF600-P caliber of 5.5 mm is a modern spring-piston airgun with a lower tension made with high precision and attention to detail.

Best airgun in its price class.

Lower tension, caliber 5.5mm fiber optic system TRU-GLU.

Its great advantage is rigid barrel without breaking as in the classic windbreakers, thus significantly increasing its lifespan and accuracy.

This is a typical pneumatic air gun designed to shoot sports facilities. You can shoot it with buckshot, balls and darts. It is a single-shot shotgun. Comfortable and ergonomic classic village made of durable polymer in black. The flask was fitted with a rubber foot, increasing comfort by absorbing the recoil and facilitate stable support rifle on his shoulder.

Windbreaker is equipped with a manual fuse protects against accidental shot, and with a standard 11mm rail, which is suitable for optical viewfinder.


- Lower tension

- Threaded barrel

- Settlement polymer black

- Rubber footer stock

- Manual fuse

- Fibre optic sights

- Adjustable rear sight vertical and horizontal

In addition FREE GIFTS:

- 10pcs discs shooting

- 30 pcs. Pellets "diabolo"

- 2 x 5 pcs of "special"pellets. 

Warranty: An annual written warranty.

The weapon is designed for adults.

Energy shot that does not exceed 17J, so gun permit is not required.